About Us

  • I’m Filomena Spagnolo. When I started Studio Alessia I was a single mother of a wonderful, full of beans 6 year old son, who has ADHD. In the weekend and any spare time we have we were doing creative or artistic things. I am a portrait painter and have been painting professionally since 1990 but have really been painting ever since I could hold a brush!

    I have used art as therapy to turn my life around and have found art has always been there for me and my family to fall back on. I now have another two gorgeous children William, who has Down syndrome and a daughter Ava

    I started to read books on art therapy and wondered how I could use it to help others in the way art helped me. I now have many students with learning difficulties and see them in a class environment as well as in one-on-one sessions. My aim was to change how children and parents perceive art.  I want to show that art is not just an activity that children do, but that it has many educational benefits and helps with building the attention span of young children, not to mention a therapeutic elements. I now want to spread our wings and pursue further courses in art therapy to formalise my knowledge of something I have experienced in which I truly believe.

    Art as a form of therapy has been proven to help children with Asperger’s, Autism ADHD and many learning difficulties. Art therapy has also been used as rehabilitation patients.

    Our Studio is also recommended by occupational therapists, psychologists and doctors in the Macarthur area for many years now. We are also NDIS approved providers.

    We look forward to seeing you at Studio Alessia…the art studio.



    Filomena, the principle at Studio Alessia… the art studio started the studio, after the stillbirth of her daughter Alessia. Having had a background in art, she became extremely interested in using art as therapy for herself as well as her 6 year old son and it changed their lives and in the past 7 years it has also change the lives of many of her students. Filomena now uses art as a form of therapy with children with behavior or social difficulties as well as children dealing with difficult situations in their lives, either in a one to one session or in a group environment. She completed a Certificate IV in visual Arts at Campbelltown Tafe in 2009 and a diploma in fine arts 2010-11. She is currently studying Art therapy at the college of complementary medicine. Filomena has been teaching art for the past 10 years and has built a fantastic reputation with her students and their parents for the past 7 years.